“And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:25

One of Stephen King’s novels featured people called “Tweeners”.  Tweeners were folks who went back and forth between two worlds or dimensions, not solely belonging to one or the other.

Evolutionists have sought to explain the origin of different classes of animals by the gradual progression of “tweeners” between one group to the next.  Evolutionists call these tweeners “intermediates”.

For example, evolutionists tell us that birds evolved from reptiles.  Birds differ from reptiles in a number of important ways.  Birds have wings.  Birds have a lighter, hollowed-out and reinforced skeletal system that decreases their weight and allows them to fly.  Birds have feathers, which are a marvelously complex structure in their own right.  Birds could not fly with nearly as much agility without them.  Birds have an entirely different respiratory system featuring the “avian” lung.  And birds are warm blooded while reptiles are cold blooded.

All of these major changes have to occur virtually simultaneously and completely intact or nothing, for lack of a better term, “gets off the ground”.  And evolutionists say they occur through random mutation and natural selection.

That requires an enormous number of miniscule changes and an unimaginable number of intermediates.  And each tiny mutation was a random mutation.  That means it occurred….. well….. randomly.  There was absolutely nothing that caused each mutation to miraculously move in the correct direction to produce the majestic creatures that soar so easily above us.

And remember, as unimaginable as it is to have just one of these systems develop in this manner, they all had to come into being simultaneously.   Then one day, after what must have been millions of mindless tweaks and an incalculable number of intermediates, one of these creatures flapped its new found wings -complete with its new found bone structure, with its new found respiratory system, with its new found feathers, with its new found warm bloodedness – and surprised even itself by lifting off the ground and into the sky.

Darwin admitted that complex structures would have untold numbers of intermediates and should be found in the fossil record.  Unfortunately for Darwin they were not found in the fossil record.  He blamed this total lack of intermediates on the paucity of fossils recovered at his time.  One hundred and fifty years later we have an extensive fossil record….. but still no intermediates.

But I have a bigger problem with this whole picture.  Evolution should not be static and complete.  It should be dynamic and alive.  After all, evolutionists claim that evolution is occurring around us all the time.  And in a very limited sense they are correct.  However, the same amazing creative force that supposedly turned reptiles into birds in the first place should be functioning in all its glory today.  Forget the fossil record.  (It’s pretty forgettable anyway.) Those intermediates should be flourishing everywhere today.  Our hillsides and valleys and woods and backyards should be teeming with them.

I’ve been all around the world and have never seen a single one.  But perhaps I am missing something.

So help me out……


What’s in your backyard?


God created every creature in its kind.  Yes, evolution occurs within the canine, feline, equine, porcine, and pachyderm families.  But that is its limit.

God didn’t create “tweeners”.  And evolutionists can’t find them.


Author: Craig Apelt

A large part of my life has been devoted to the sciences. As a young student I accepted everything I was told about evolution. I believed evolution was science. It is not. It is philosophy. Jesus Christ is the author of the universe and spoke it into existence. He is the author of all of the sciences as well. However, He is not the author of all philosophies.

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