Genesis 1:27  “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

“I Love Lucy” was a favorite television show when I was a kid.  Week after week Lucy would get herself in hot water.  She was always into some hair-brained scheme that was misleading.  She fancied herself as skilled in the art of deception.

And she was.

For a while.

But invariably the truth would come out and then Ricky would hit us with his famous line, “Lucy, you’ve got some “splainin” to do.”

It was all in fun.  And we couldn’t wait to tune in next week.

But there’s another Lucy whose antics aren’t quite so funny.  She’s a deceiver as well.  Actually she’s just one in a long line of deceivers.


You may know her as “Lucy the hominid” or “The Mother of all Mankind”.


What she is is another in a long line of failed “missing links”.


Lucy’s bones were uncovered in Ethiopia in 1974.  As mammals go she was one of the most complete skeletal fossils ever discovered.  Even so, only 40% of the skeletal bones were recovered.  The skull was essentially absent.  There was a grand total of two skull bones.  There were no hands or feet.  The arms, legs and vertebrae were present in only small pieces, so there was no real idea as to how tall she was nor how long her legs or arms were.


But evolutionists don’t question evolution.  They are not here to view data objectively.  They think evolution is fact.  So it is not a matter of “if” Lucy fits into the evolutionary process.  It is merely a matter of “where” she fits in.


Apes have long arms and short legs.

Humans have long legs and short arms.

Can you guess how the evolutionists “interpreted” the complete skeleton of Lucy even though she only had small fragments of either leg bones or arm bones.


You guessed it!!  Lucy got long legs and short arms, making her very human-like.  Even so, they could only get her up to 3 and a half feet tall.  Not very tall for a human ancestor.


She also got human-like hands and feet.  Never mind that no hands or feet were found.  I mean, come on, let’s not get overly concerned with details!


Then they needed her to stand erect and walk like we do.


One of the reasons they were so quick to think that she stood erect and walked like we do was because of a set of fossilized footprints that were clearly human.  That set of foot prints was found in Laetoli, Tanzania…… 932 miles away!  Both the footprints and the length of the gait was clearly human-like.  And the prints were slightly older than Lucy.  So 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 +1 = 7 and by Golly they must be hers!


So they made her as tall as they could in an effort to make her able to take that kind of stride.  At 3 1/2 feet that stride would still have been difficult.  Kinda like that little “Keep on truckin'” fella whose legs extend out with each step like they are made of elastic.  They gave her virtually totally human feet as well in order to match the footprint.  And they gave her virtually totally human hands as well.  Well…… they kinda had to.


Here’s another little ditty.  A number of years later a hand was found that belonged to Lucy.  It was virtually totally ape-like.  But that didn’t change the evolutionists’ presentation of keeping those totally human-like feet.

Hey!  You do what you gotta’ do!  So she was Lucy, the humanoid with ape-like hands and human-like feet.


Lucy.  Oh Lucy.  It’s not your fault.  After all, you’re only human.  Ummmm…. Well, you’re only trying to be human.


And how about the way her face looked?  There are over 100 depictions of her face, most of which are made by evolutionists, and all are different.  They range from totally ape-like to totally human-like.  Eye color, hair color, density of hair, nose shape are at the artist’s discretion.  None of that was evident merely by looking at the skeleton.


In this picture the center frame is what Lucy’s skull has been determined to look like.  All four of the other frames could be what Lucy looks like once she is “fleshed out”.  And there are over 100 more depictions as well.

Lucy has been determined to be an extinct ape.  She has never been shown to stand erect nor to walk like a human, no matter how much the evolutionists wish it was so.


While I don’t Love Lucy I do sort of like her.  I like her because she is probably an honest mistake.  And a lot of her missing link companions have not been so forthright.


Just like the television series had a new episode every week, the missing link story has a new player every decade or so.

Neanderthal Man – 1856 – Oooops….. a fraud

K wait

Java Man – 1891 – Ooooops….. another fraud

K wait

Piltdown Man – 1908 – Ooooops….. another fraud

K wait……..  K wait

Nebraska Man – 1922 – Ooooops…. another fraud

K wait

Lucy – 1974 – Ooooops….. an extinct ape

K wait

Orce Man – 1984 – Oooooops…… another mistake

K wait


Just like I couldn’t wait for the next episode of “I love Lucy”, I just can’t wait for the next hero to fill the role of “Missing Link”.


Lucy, Lucy….. and all of the rest of you….


You’ve got some “splainin” to do!!!!!


Author: Craig Apelt

A large part of my life has been devoted to the sciences. As a young student I accepted everything I was told about evolution. I believed evolution was science. It is not. It is philosophy. Jesus Christ is the author of the universe and spoke it into existence. He is the author of all of the sciences as well. However, He is not the author of all philosophies.

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