Romans 7:18  “For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the wishing is present in me, but the doing of good is not.”

Somebody took the time to take a video of this guy in action.

monkey stealing food


They took a video because it’s kind of funny.  They took a video because the monkey pilfering lunch makes for entertaining viewing.

And no one would hold this guy morally responsible for lifting your lunch.

On the other hand….

Cheating on your diet
Stealing donuts with a hook on a white background

If I lifted your breakfast without your consent no one would be taking any videos.

And no one would think it was funny.

And everyone would hold me morally responsible.

So if humans are morally responsible and monkeys aren’t we have to ask ourselves where that responsibility came from.

In a totally natural world where everything only has natural causes there must have been a morality mutation that occurred somewhere in the old great ape/human common ancestry link.

Hmmmmmm…… has that mutation been isolated on the human genome?

More importantly, what was the benefit to humans to develop it?

I thought it was a battle of the survival of the fittest.  In that world the guy who eats is the guy who wins.

Some might argue that morality is collectively beneficial to the entire human species.

That may be true.

But the first individual to lose his “me first” attitude is not likely to have that mutation passed on to a bunch of others.  And of course he would not only have to pass it on to others, but it would have to thrive in the community and dominate the more aggressive and selfish natural tendencies until it took over the entire species.

As evolutionists stress, it is a brutal world out there and only the strong survive.  So that scenario goes against every principle of the theory of evolution.

Mr. “You first…… no really….. you first” is also last in the reproductive line.

guy holding the door

Another question I have is if morality works so well for humans why don’t other creatures get on board the morality train?


And one more question.

If morality really is genetic




I mean it’s in our genes right?

concentration camp


Or maybe not so much.

Perhaps morality comes from a different origin.

Perhaps it comes from a higher origin.

Perhaps it comes from the author of all life in whose likeness we are created.

Author: Craig Apelt

A large part of my life has been devoted to the sciences. As a young student I accepted everything I was told about evolution. I believed evolution was science. It is not. It is philosophy. Jesus Christ is the author of the universe and spoke it into existence. He is the author of all of the sciences as well. However, He is not the author of all philosophies.

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