Genesis 1:26  “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”


There’s a mammal living down by the river.   WAY DOWN by the river.  WAY DOWN UNDER by the river.

It has fur like a mammal.

It produces milk like a mammal.

It has a tail like a beaver.

It has webbed feet to help it swim.  But it only uses its front feet when it swims.  It tucks its back feet in.

When it walks it walks on its knuckles to protect those webs.


But then again


It lays eggs like a bird or a reptile.


It has a bill like a duck.

It walks with its feet to the side like a reptile.

It has no teeth – like a bird.

It has no nipples.  Instead the female sweats its milk onto its chest where the young lap it up.

The male has talons on its back legs like a bird.

Those talons have venom like a snake.


And weirder yet


It has eyes, however, in the millions of years of “evolution” it “opted” to close those eyes when it hunts.

platypus underwater #1

As luck would have it this creature developed an electro-location system for finding its prey that is exquisitely precise.  It developed that system over millions of years through miniscule changes provided by totally random mutations that in and of themselves had no advantage yet hung around in each succeeding generation and just randomly kept improving until it reached perfection.  Yet in those millions of years it didn’t starve because….. because…. because…. well it would be better if one of your evolutionist friends explained that.  I’m kinda thinkin’ it would have better off using its eyes.


You already know this little misfit is the platypus.


Here is a fun video on this little fella.  At the end of the video the narrator is going to “splain” how this guy evolved.  Meet me on the other side of the video because I want to discuss that explanation.


The platypus may muddy the waters a bit as it hunts.  But, as usual, the attempt to explain the platypus’ evolving is merely another attempt to muddy the waters.


Here’s how the platypus evolved.

A.  There used to be a lot of monotremes in Australia.



B.  There were “platypus-like” creatures in the fossil record 61 million years ago.

Actually they were intact platypuses.  They just had teeth.


C.  There was a really big platypus that was discovered.

What it was was a really big….. wait for it…… platypus.


D.  They took to the water when the marsupials arrived.


So this explains how the platypus changed from a big one with teeth to a smaller one without teeth.  I’ll buy that.

What it doesn’t even attempt to explain is how the heck an animal came into existence that has fur, a duckbill, a beaver tail, venom, lays eggs, sweats milk, walks like a reptile and on its knuckles no less, and has an electro-location mechanism to locate its prey.  Where are the common ancestors for that?!


I’m guessing it was the yet to be discovered mamphibirdtile.


But hey, they don’t have to keep looking because the friendly narrator lady “splained” everything……. And with a smile no less!

The platypus is unique.  It looks like a bunch of things put together.

You are unique as well.

You were made in the image of God.




Job 38:4, 5   “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?  Tell Me, if you have understanding, Who set its measurements, since you know?”


Evolutionists love to play games with us.  They play them all the time.  They play a bunch of them.  One of their favorite games is one I call “Quantum Leap Frog”.


It is played in two steps.


One step is to start by pointing out minor changes or adaptations within a given species.  Incidentally, no one disputes these minor changes.  They are sometimes called “microevolution” and include things like:


Darwin’s famous finches and their beaks.  Finches have beaks of varying sizes.  Darwin observed finches on the Galapagos Islands and noticed that under certain conditions finches with bigger, stronger beaks prevailed in number.

They remained finches


Evolutionists point out the number of dog breeds that can be produced.

dog breeds


They remain dogs


A strain of bacteria may become penicillin resistant.

It remains the same strain and incidentally will quickly revert back to its former state once the penicillin is removed.


Once again, this is called adaptation and no one disputes it.


But evolutionists like to help you along.  They will show you this type of evolution and say, “See, evolution exists.”


Then later on they will pull a bait and switch.   They will “show” you how a thing crawled out of the slime and a few billion years later did an appendectomy on you.  Hey, it’s all just evolution after all.

evolution from single cell


That’s called “macroevolution”…….. and there is absolutely NO evidence for it.



The other way the game is played is to start with a “given”.  Those of you who took geometry know how that works.  A geometry theorem starts with a “given”.  You are allowed to start from that point and proceed with your proof.


Evolutionists like to start with a “given” as well.  It makes “life” a lot easier for them when they do.  They frequently tell you how every organism on earth evolved from a “simple” single celled organism.


The following video talks about the cell membrane.  I hope you watch the whole thing.  The point is not to try to understand it all.  Who possibly could!  What I am expecting is that half way through the presentation you will be laughing as hard as I was at the thought of a cell being “simple”.

Remember – this is just the cell membrane.  This doesn’t even begin to address the things inside the cell, like the nucleus, DNA, RNA, ribosomes, mitochondria, messenger RNA, etc, etc, etc…..


Anyone for a game of leapfrog?




Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap,  nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not worth much more than they?”


 “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” was one of my favorite movies.  With the help of their gang these two outlaws removed cash from banks and trains.


There’s an even more amazing “Sundance Kid” in the insect world.  With the help of her “gang” this Sundance Kid removes pollen from flowers.



When Butch Cassidy and the gang were getting ready for a heist it was critical that Sundance kept those plans under wraps.  Leaking information about the excursion would likely end with all of them in jail or swinging from the end of a rope.


Unlike Sundance of the Old West our Sundance wants the world to know everything about her heist.  And I mean everything.  She blabs about its exact distance and direction and even gives you a sample of the smell of the flower.  She wants everyone around her to listen to her story….. and listen they do!  She’s so excited she just feels like dancing….. and dance she does!


If you read my previous blog, “Honey, I’m Home” you understand how bees navigate.  If that’s not astonishing enough, honey bees can also communicate pinpoint locations to the rest of the hive.


When a honeybee finds a patch of flowers she wants the rest of the crew to work that motherlode alongside her.  On returning to the hive she invites the others to a show.


She invites them to a dance.


A Sundance.


The direction she walks is critical.

The distance she walks is critical.

She even let’s off a pheromone that gives information about the quality or abundance of the food source.  Hey, nothing like a little aromatherapy to get the gang moving!

She compensates for time change, season change and latitude.


Stop for a moment to consider all of the mind rattling ramifications of this process.


Why would the bee even think to communicate this information in the first place?

Why would it think that the rest of the hive would understand it?

How is it that everywhere around the world all hives speak “bee”?

And of course, how did this incredible “language” come into “bee”ing?


But consider that at the same time other members of the hive have to:

Be interested in closely watching the dancer.  Why would they care that some bee is shaking around the hive?

And of course, how is it that they understand this intricate dance?

And how is it that bees that have been in the dark of the hive for hours know what angle to the sun she is dancing?  Okay, that’s cheating.  It’s because those bees have that incredible clock we talked about in the last blog that allows them to automatically and precisely update the sun’s position.


So how does this happen?

Here are the options:


  1. Bees have incredible brainpower.  At some point long ago Noah Webster Bee invented the language.  She taught it to all of the other bees.  They passed it on around the world so that aunt Irene in the Moscow hive and cousin Jacqueline in the Paris hive learned it.  And of course they have to teach all of the “young’uns” of every generation.   Not a lot of pollen gathering going on while this whole process developed.
  2.  A mindless set of mutations and natural selection events led the first bee and millions after it to start and perfect a dance for no reason that just luckily was at the correct angle to the sun that was luckily the right distance and they shot off some pheromones for good measure.  At the same time a mindless set of mutations and natural selection events led the first bee and millions more after it to start to watch the dancer and somehow comprehend the intricacy of all that was being developed.  Not a lot of pollen gathering going on while this whole process developed.
  3. An all knowing and all powerful God did it.


And yes, you are more valuable than the birds….. or the bees!


Romans 1:20 – “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made…”

Women really are better at getting directions!

The honey bee is one incredible character.  Bee hives are inhabited by thousands upon thousands of bees.  And with, the exception of a few drones, every one of them is a female.

I was first introduced to the world of honey bees by an old friend of mine.  I met him while I was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego.  He remained in San Diego and dabbled in all sorts of things.  One of them was raising honey bees.

On one of my visits Jeff told me that he wanted to show me something astounding.  He took me to the site of his honey bee hives.  It was located in the foothills of the Rockies and situated on a canyon.  He pointed across the canyon and said “See those flowering bushes across the canyon?  Those are sage and make some of the sweetest honey.  But that’s not the amazing thing, Craig.  How the bees navigate is something that is almost too much to imagine.”

He told me that bees use the sun to navigate and do it so precisely that if he were to move the hive a few feet the bees would return and never find it.  They would return to the exact spot they left….. within literally a foot or two….  And they would die.




Bees navigate using the sun as their “compass”.

Bees use the ultraviolet light of the sun so they can navigate even on cloudy days.

Bees are little mathematicians and use angles to the sun, both vertical and horizontal, to determine location.

graduate bee!!


Bees compensate for the sun’s movement across the sky during the day.

Bees compensate for the height of the sun as the seasons roll on.

Bees are able to “update” the position of the sun as they spend hours in the dark hive.  When they come out of the hive they already know how far the sun has moved and compensate accordingly.


I have a frontal cortex that is light years beyond the brain of a bee.


A bee’s brain is 20,000 times less massive than mine.


But if you and I were making a trip to a neighboring town for the first time you wouldn’t want to go with me unless I had a GPS.  Relying on me to get us home without the aid of advanced technology would be the dance of the doomed.

confused man!


I’d make the wrong turn coming out of McDonald’s!

You’d want a bee on the dashboard.  You’d want a bee…… not me!

Furthermore, the bee wouldn’t wait around “acquiring satellites”.  She’d be on her way immediately.  (And women say men don’t bother to get directions)

The lack of a precise navigational tool is a death warrant to a bee.

Every single one of these preposterous abilities are a part of the “bee brain”.  She is certainly no “pea brain”.

They all must function in unison.

The complexity of this system defies explanation by a slow, cumbersome series of minute mutations and selections.  Ask your evolutionist friend to map out how this process “evolved”.  I’m betting you won’t hear from them.

But you’ll hear from me again.

The next thing I want to talk about is how these very same bees are some of the world’s best “guidance counselors”.




Pigs are pretty smart animals.  Maybe smarter than evolutionists.


I’d like to talk about a point that may help simplify the difference between a creationist and an evolutionist.


A creationist thinks that birds have wings so they can fly.


An evolutionist thinks that birds fly because they have wings.


An evolutionist’s stance is that everything occurs through natural means.  There is no possibility of supernatural intervention.  Therefore, everything occurs out of nothing.  Also, everything progresses in a totally random manner to arrive at the universe we see today as well as the organisms that inhabit it.

The point I am about to make holds true for the evolution of every organism, every organ,  every cell, and every organic process.


But let’s use the example of a reptile evolving into a bird.


The reptile has to start with a minute, random mutation.  Let’s say its two front legs start to mutate into things that start to look like flappers.  The legs would start to change for no apparent reason and after thousands of random mutations that for some reason keep going in the same direction the animal now hops around like its on crutches.

At the same time the respiratory system is slowly and mindlessly changing into that of the avian lung, replacing a lung that worked perfectly well before and still functions perfectly well in the reptiles we see today.  And how a lung half way between that of a reptile and that of a bird even functions at all is anybody’s guess.  Evolutionists haven’t even bothered to guess.

At the same time the animal is slowly and mindlessly developing feathers.

The same holds true for becoming warm blooded.

Each one of these tiny steps has to have an advantage to the animal in the real world in which it lives.  And if it does, that animal is superior to the one before it and should increase in numbers.  Every one of those intermediates must be superior in evolutionary status to the one preceding it as well as to the reptile from which it started.  The intermediates are superior to the organism from which they started.

Intermediates should be the norm.  There should not be “end points” like the end points of branches on a tree that the evolutionists point to.  You don’t arrive at birds and suddenly there is an “ah ha” moment.  “Ah ha, the work is finally done!”

The world should be a mishmash of stuff that is just evolving…. Into what who knows!

And then this random thing takes off into the air in perfect flight!!

And gosh darn if they don’t fly beautifully!!!


Thanks intermediates.  I guess we don’t need you anymore because we have arrived.  Never mind that the intermediates were superior to the reptiles that managed to somehow hang around.


That’s the evolutionists’ stance.  That’s what you have to believe when you are confronted with a giant, random accident.


Now here is the creationists’ stance.


God wanted animals to fill the sky.  He made them perfectly to do just that.



And gosh don’t they fly beautifully!!


He also made reptiles and that’s why they are here today and not replaced by a superior evolutionary product.


And that’s why there is not a mishmash of random mutation going hither and yon in either the real world or the fossil record.


God did not make intermediates because He didn’t need them.  And low and behold they are nowhere to be found.


And there is no “tree” with reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, and amphibians at the tips of those imaginary branches that also don’t exist.


There are simply reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, and amphibians.


In the immortal words of Porky Pig.  “Abbeddeabeddeabbedea….. that’s all folks!”



What’s in your backyard?



Psalm 139:13, 14  “For thou didst form my inward parts; Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb.  I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well.”

When I’m at my cottage in the summer I like to take my boat down the Channel to  “Ed’s Channel Stop”.  Ed always has a great assortment of ice cream that tastes so good on a hot summer afternoon.

The trip is easy.  I get in my boat, start the engine, steer the craft under the bridge and into the narrow channel, follow the channel to Ed’s, pull up to his dock, enter the Channel Stop and go about my business of getting ice cream.




But let’s take that trip again and make it random.  Let’s take that trip where there is no intelligence guiding the steps.


First I have to find myself in a vehicle that is going to do the job.  Okay, so I’m sitting a boat.  I float aimlessly away from the dock.  I float aimlessly because my boat doesn’t have any means of propulsion.


A motor appears on the back of the boat.  It starts up.  Now I no longer float aimlessly.  Now I move aimlessly at a much faster pace.  The motor swings back and forth and so do I.


A steering device appears.  Now I can control the boat as it moves all around the lake.  But there is no knowledge of where Ed’s Channel Stop is so I keep passing the channel.  I get a great view of the lake.  I just don’t get any ice cream.


Somehow I learn that Ed’s is up the channel and I make a conscious choice to steer into the channel.  And I motor on down the channel…… right on past Ed’s place because I have no idea what Ed’s place looks like.


Somehow I learn to recognize Ed’s place, pull over, and dock.  I get out and enter The Channel Stop and am rewarded with a two scoop chocolate almond and cherry vanilla cone.


Without intelligent input this seemingly easy trip becomes a lot more complex.   If any one of those steps is missing I miss out on my ice cream.


Having any one of the steps missing leads to a failed excursion.  That is what is  called “irreducible complexity”.


So let’s take another trip.  This is the trip of sexual reproduction.  This is another trip of irreducible complexity.


Each cell in our body is a combination of 23 pairs of chromosomes.  We get half of those chromosomes from our mother and half from our father.


We need to start our trip with the correct cell.  When (almost) every cell in your body reproduces itself it reproduces all 23 pairs of chromosomes.  So there are 46 pairs of chromosomes.  Then the cell splits in two, each cell having the necessary 23 pairs.  That’s called “mitosis” and is an incredible wonder.


But that “boat” won’t float because combining two of those cells (which is what happens in sexual reproduction) would give us 46 pairs.  We need a different boat.  We need a boat with 23 single chromosomes.  That is the miracle of a process called “meiosis”.  Somehow our sex cells “know” not to double their chromosomes, so when they split to form sperm and eggs they only have 23 single chromosomes.


A sperm cell is deposited in the uterus.  It would float around like my motor-less boat except that another miracle has occurred.  It HAS a motor.  It’s the one cell in our body that has a motor that we call flagella……  which in itself is more complex than the hospital complex in which this baby is going to be delivered.

sperm cell

Now it motors aimlessly around the uterus.  But it doesn’t because another miracle has occurred.  Somehow the sperm “knows” to swim up the channel we call the fallopian tube because that is where the egg is hanging out.


It goes up the fallopian tube and motors right on past the egg.  But it doesn’t because yet another miracle occurs.  It “recognizes” the egg and millions of sperm swarm the egg membrane in hopes of being the lucky guy that gets in.

sperm and egg


But here is where the analogy breaks down.  Ed wants all the business he can get.  So when I enter he keeps the door open.  The more customers the better.


No so for the egg.  23 chromosomes in the sperm and 23 in the egg make the necessary 46.  One more sperm getting through will foul the “ice cream” and the cell will die.

But wouldn’t you know it, another lucky miracle is in place.  When the first sperm cell enters the egg the “door” is shut.  The membrane is immediately rendered impenetrable to any more sperm.  How does it happen?  Well the egg cell just  “knows”.

Any one of these steps that is not present and you have no birth of an organism.  And each one is so complex as to shatter the imagination.


Evolutionists will try to tell you that as each of these steps evolves the “save” button is pressed and you start from that point the next time.  Not so.  Without a live birth no incremental adaptation gets saved at all.  You start over from scratch.  You don’t press the “save” button.  You press the “delete” button.


You are not here because of some random process.


Scripture says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


You most certainly are!


Acts 26:25-27  “But Paul said, “I am not out of my mind, most excellent Festus, but I utter words of sober truth.  For the king knows about these matters, and I speak to him with confidence, since I am persuaded that none of these things escape his notice; for this has not been done in a corner.  King Agrippa, do you believe the prophets?  I know that you do.”

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at our cottage in Michigan.  There were a bazillion kids there and we all liked to play hide and go seek at night.

Some of the players were hide and go seek “artistes”.  They knew that the secret to the game was stealth and the ability to remain undetected.  Rich was one of those guys.  He would always come dressed in black and even had a hood that covered his blond hair.  Rich was seldom “It” because he was hardly ever discovered.

hide and seek woman in container

Then there was Billy.  If you were “It” you wanted Billy in the game because he was your out.  If you got anywhere near Billy he would get unnerved, jump from his hiding place, and race through the open to a new spot.  1, 2, 3 on Billy!  Needless to say Billy spent a lot of time being “It”.


I had a discussion with an evolutionist the other day.  He was trying to expand my feeble mind by explaining one of the current theories on how the eye developed.  Apparently there was an aquatic animal of some sort that spent most of it’s time on the ocean bottom.  It had not yet developed an “eye”, but “merely” had a mass of “photosensitive cells” located on it’s dorsum.


Okay, time for an aside.  A photosensitive cell would be mindbogglingly complex in the first place.  It would be somewhere far beyond the space shuttle in complexity.


It brings to mind a routine by one of my favorite stand up comedians, Steve Martin.  He called it “How to become a millionaire”.  He said, “First…. get a million dollars.  Then don’t pay any taxes.  When the IRS comes calling, simply say….. “I forgot!”.


So here is how an eye evolves.  First….. get a mass of “photosensitive cells”.   LOL

Of yeah…. and those cells must have somehow communicated through a nervous system to a developed musculature or some other method of locomotion, allowing it to “flipper away”.   That’s another quantum leap assumption.  But hey, evolutionists quantum leap all the time and no one seems to notice….. least of all them.


I’m not kidding you.  This is the theory.


But wait.  It gets worse.


So this thing sits on the bottom.  When a predator circles above it and cuts off the sunlight (Lot’s of that on the ocean floor.  Perhaps he meant that this all took place in the shallows or in a pond)… but back to the theory.  When the predator circles above it cuts off the sunlight and the photosensitive cells are triggered.  They fire off an impulse that somehow travels to the mode of locomotion and the “thing” flippers out of harms way.


Okay, so here are some questions.


It would be likely that the predator would have been more advanced than the “thing”.  Wouldn’t it already have eyes?

Well maybe eyes developed a number of different times.  You know….. those incredibly complex organs just pop up like weeds in a corn field.  So then how exactly did the predator get eyes?


But even if it didn’t have eyes it still had to detect prey in some manner.  Maybe it had sonar.  Maybe it could detect movement in the water.  Maybe it could hear.


The “thing” on the ocean floor is sitting there undetected.  The predator obviously doesn’t know it’s there or it would no longer be there.  It would be in the predator’s belly.


And what does the “thing” do?  Does it sit tight and remain undetected like Rich always did?  No!  It “flippers” or “jets” away to a new and better hiding place causing all sorts of disturbance in the process.


Well it probably doesn’t actually make it to the new hiding place because…


1, 2, 3 on the thing on the bottom!


1, 2, 3 on “Billyfish”.

fish predator

And Billyfish becomes a fish dinner.  By the way, Billyfish dinners are always served with their “photosensitive cells” “sunny side up”.


Dead men don’t tell lies.  And dead Billyfish don’t live to reproduce bad “adaptations”.

post billyfish

Don’t be intimidated by the evolutionist crowd.  Just because they have degrees doesn’t mean they have the truth.  And it sure doesn’t appear that they have much in the way of critical thinking skills.


What’s in your pond?